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Welcome to Craven Classics
All are welcome to join (even if you do not have an old, classic or modern classic vehicle)

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Well done Andy Wright for taking over the Bradford to Morecambe run at the 11th hour. By all acounts a very successful event

Next Club night
October 17th

Presentation by: Jack Hargreaves

"Those radio times"

There may be a last minute change of speaker 

All events put on by the club need your support

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NEW MEMBER   wishing to join
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Please look on our "NEWS" and "EVENTS" pages which give more details


Craven Classics (Craven Old Wheels Society) is a car club which started in 1975. We are an "any make" club with emphasis on classic or unusual cars. Over the years we have been based in many locations around Craven & Skipton districts. All new members welcome, whether a classic car owner or not. We are keen to attract modern classic or nearly classic car owners to our club.

We are currently based at our "new home" - Keighley Golf club in Utley. Our club meetings start 8pm on the third Tuesday each month apart from December when there is no meeting. 

On our summer club meetings we hold a "show & shine" concourse night and a local evening run. Other club meetings typically feature events like a slide show or guest speaker.

We also organise a club stand at various local classic car shows so that club members can display their vehicles. We also support local charity events.    

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